2022-02-21T10:27:52-05:00August 21, 2019|Success Stories|

My name is Jenny, and I’m very happy that I’ve been given the opportunity to share my experience from the GED program at Foothills Family Resources! To give you a little background information about me, I was born in Greenville, SC, but I grew up in Oaxaca, Mexico. My parents [...]


2022-02-21T10:27:52-05:00January 17, 2019|Success Stories|

Shara, a young widow with 3 children, was barely making ends meet at her job at a special needs home for adults. In October 2018, she had been referred to the CWF program through her sons’ school guidance counselor and was eager to start.  Just 8 weeks later, Shara [...]


2022-02-21T10:27:52-05:00November 17, 2018|Success Stories|

Trey came to FFR in November 2018 after being released from prison because a family friend had told him about the CWF program. Trey was willing to give it a try because he wanted to take any advantage he could to help him get his life back on track. [...]

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