Shara, a young widow with 3 children, was barely making ends meet at her job at a special needs home for adults. In October 2018, she had been referred to the CWF program through her sons’ school guidance counselor and was eager to start.  Just 8 weeks later, Shara had started a job at Earth’s Creation USA making $10 per hour.  Three weeks after that, they promoted her to Quality Control Analyst and then she received her first raise at her six-month mark.  Not only is her new career changing her life for the better, but it is also making a difference in her children.  

The following email was sent to FFR from Shara’s youngest son’s guidance counselor in January 2019: “I hope you are off to a great New Year. I know Shara is so happy about her job and I have never seen her so happy. Her son seems happier as well, especially this week. So thank you all for your help! Happy New Year.”

15 Month Update (March 2020): Still at Earth’s Creation USA and is making $11.50/hour. She also purchased a new car in February.