Trey came to FFR in November 2018 after being released from prison because a family friend had told him about the CWF program. Trey was willing to give it a try because he wanted to take any advantage he could to help him get his life back on track. He started with the CWF program on November 13th and met with his coach twice a week for the next six weeks. After a tour and meeting with the President of QuickCrate, Trey was excited to begin a career in manufacturing and was hired on at Quick Crate in January 2019 starting at $13/hour.

Week 1 Email Update: “Just wanted to give you an update on my first week!  Everything is great and I really enjoy it. I think things are going to work out just fine!  I will keep you updated in the weeks and months to come and you have all of my contact information if there is ever anything you need from me.  I can’t tell you how thankful I am for all your help!  Please tell David I said thank you for his help, as well as everyone at FFR!  My paycheck is just going into my mom’s account right now and transportation to/from work is going great as well.  I think my parents are going to help me get a vehicle within a month or so, and we’re using those spreadsheets and tools you provided me with to keep track of everything!  I will let you know as those things change, thanks again!”

May 2019 Email Update: “I had a few small updates I wanted to share with you all.  I went this week and opened up a checking account with Bank of TR so I now have my own checking account.  I also worked with Mr. League on a small project this week and them we met afterwards and discussed a few things.  He told me how he wanted me to grow toward team leader, supervisor, as well as possibly taking on roles that the plant manager used to oversee even though I haven’t had my review or pay hasn’t changed yet.  He let me know that he would get with my supervisor and we would discuss more of these things when I have my review.  I will update you guys in the weeks and months to come with any more changes!”

June 2019 Email Update: “There is alot to say but I am officially hired on as an employee of League Manufacturing/Quick Crate as a supervisor! And a raise to $14.50/hour!”

1 Year (January 2020): Trey is now making $16.50/hour and has a $200/month car payment.