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Foothills Family Resources’ mission is not only to support our neighbors in times of crisis, but to work with them to prevent future crises by attaining the skills needed to be self-sufficient and, ultimately, happy. See our process below…

Work through the immediate crisis

More times than not, people are introduced to Foothills Family Resources in a state of crisis which may come in the form of an empty cupboard, pending power disconnection or health concerns, amongst many others. FFR’s goal is to meet people in their crisis and provide the resources needed to overcome through our staff, partners and extensive connections throughout the county.

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Past due billing notice
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Inform on options available

It’s hard to consider things like savings and education while in the midst of a crisis, but people are particularly open to information on ways to prevent future crises immediately after one is averted. Because of this, clients are introduced to the Center for Working Families program as soon after as possible. Most often the same day!

Empower through education

The Center for Working Families is a national movement developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation as a way to move away from simple case management and referrals towards a model of relationship building, job training/placement, coaching and long term financial independence.

FFR teaches the soft skills necessary to stand out in a competitive market. From showing up ten minutes early and wearing professional attire, to interview skills and sending thank you letters, the Center for Working Families participants not only learn the skills needed, they practice them throughout their time in the program.

Just as with crisis services, FFR meets participants where they are, be that starting in-house with the Foothills Family Resources GED program, or moving straight into Center for Working Families , there is no timeline to success so long as participants continue to show a proper work ethic and drive.

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